Rockstar del Dizionario: How to use Italian dictionaries the smart way

Moreno Pontoriero - The Italian Coach 
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Are you fed up with mental translation when speaking Italian?

Learn how to finally memorize and remember words and expressions long term to get rid of mental translation.

This is what can happen if you use translations in your mother tongue when learning Italian:

When you don't understand a word translations come in handy and are a quick solution in order to understand its meaning.

What nobody is telling you is that translations...

  • are not always precise and possible.
  • don't help memorizing and remembering a word
  • let you always "switch" from Italian to your language.
  • don't help you to "think" in Italian.
  • are the number one reason why you get stuck when you speak or write.
  • don't help to express yourself correctly.

The solution?

Start using dictionaries that explain an italian word in Italian.

Rockstar del Dizionario teaches you how to use monolingual Italian dictionaries in a smart way.

This course helps you to...

  • learn how to use an Italian monolingual dictionary.
  • learn my 9 step method to memorize and remember new vocab and expressions long term.
  • reduce your "getting stuck" moments when speaking Italian.
  • make fewer grammatical and pronunciation mistakes.
  • get independence from an "human dictionary" (teacher).
  • save a lot of money and time (human dictionaries are expensive and not available 24/7).
  • learn priceless principles that you can apply to any other language.

This course does not teach you Italian. It teaches you how to learn Italian alone with any content you love without a teacher.

Learning to speak a language is mainly all about being able to memorize and remember words and structures when needed.

The course includes techniques and information that I teach in my coaching sessions. I use those methods myself in all foreign languages I learn.

About the creator:

Hi, my name is Moreno. I grew up bilingual (Italian & German) and can speak 3 more languages at different levels.

Since 2018 my passion and mission is to help frustrated learners to become brave and independent Rockstar dell'Italiano. Teaching how to (really) learn Italian by doing what you love. Because a language cannot be taught, you can only learn it by yourself.

Inside the course:

  • E-book
  • 3 explainer videos (30 minutes total)
  • Worksheet
  • Bonus e-book: "Tieni viva una conversazione: 3 tecniche per non bloccarti". Consigli per sbloccarti mentre stai avendo una conversazione.

Please note that all the content is in Italian. 

Please also note that the selling platform additionally charges the VAT (value added tax) to clients residing in the E.U. 

Table of contents Rockstar del Dizionario e-book


What level is this course for?

For advanced beginners, but also for Intermediate-advanced learners. From A2 to C1. If you are a complete beginner it's still a bit early, but you can consider buying it now for using it later on when you reached an appropriate level.

What if I'm not happy with the course?

The goal is to teach you how to use Italian dictionaries effectively to memorize vocab. I am convinced of the usefulness of the course and I am sure that your Italian and your way of learning will improve if you put everything into practice. But obviously we are not all the same.

For this reason, here is my promise: If you regularly do everything I tell in the course, but after 3 months you can't see any results, write me an e-mail ( explaining your situation and I will consider a partial refund.

This is to motivate you to really put everything into practice. Great success doesn't come without great effort.

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You'll get...

3 videos
Bonus E-book

Rockstar del Dizionario: How to use Italian dictionaries the smart way

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